When production stops on high-speed lines, every minute of downtime can impact a company’s bottom line. Pinpointing the source of a line failure quickly is critical.

IVC’s high-speed video monitoring system captures video of high-speed processes and allows frame-by-frame video playback of events to help operations identify and resolve issues fast.


Comprised of IVC’s high-speed vision camera and IVC’s Longwatch video management software platform, the solution gives operators a more complete picture of what’s happening on a production line while improving operator visibility into critical processes.

High Speed Vision Camera – HS-3430-1

  • Sony IMX287 CMOS processor: Delivers excellent picture quality at up to 250 frames per second
  • Compact design: suitable for monitoring in tight industrial spaces
  • Ideal for harsh industrial environments and all-weather applications
High Speed Vision Camera
Longwatch Video Historian

Longwatch Video Historian

IVC’s Longwatch Video Historian software automatically links event and historical process data to recorded video, delivering several key benefits:

  • Sync downtime events with recorded video: Operators can track video based on different process control events or tags directly related to high-speed video images.
  • Frame-by-frame video playback options: Supports super slow-motion and frame-by-frame video playback.
  • Flexible alarm management: Supports industry-standard protocols, such as MODBUS and OPC.
  • Simplicity for operators: Operators can have as little or as much control over the video system as the application requires.

Articulating Mount Arm

The articulating mount arm allows optimal positioning of IVC’s high-speed vision camera to ensure close up views of manufacturing processes.

  • Heavy duty
  • Quick release
  • Dual articulating arms

LED Flood Light

LED flood light ensures manufacturing processes are well-lit when captured by IVC’s high- speed camera.

  • Ultra-bright
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Weatherproof

Note: Accessories listed above are subject to change.

Articulating Mount Arm


Large U.S. Food Manufacturer Turns to IVC for High Speed Video

Conveyor belt with products moving

Downtime isn’t an option.

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry rely on high-speed machinery to deliver quality products with greater efficiency to consumers. But when something goes wrong, the downtime that results from stopping production and pinpointing the problem can adversely affect a company’s bottom line.

Pileup on conveyor belt

The Challenge

When one of the largest U.S. food manufacturers experienced machine jams on their high-speed robotic granola bar packaging line, they turned to IVC for a high-speed video solution that could help decrease downtime. Because the jams were occurring on different parts of the line, the manufacturer needed a solution that was easy to move from one area to another.

Longwatch footage showing where a error occurred on a high speed conveyor belt

The Solution

The IVC solution includes two IVC GigE Vision cameras attached to articulating arms and IVC’s Longwatch Historian software positioned on a mobile video cart. When a downtime event occurs, the line operator moves the mobile cart to the problem area to capture high speed video footage. Using IVC’s Longwatch Historian, the operator can review a frame-by-frame playback of the event and quickly identify the root cause of the problem.


IVC’s high speed video monitoring solution is ideal for a range of industrial applications such as:

  • Food: Monitor food processing and packaging lines
  • Beverage: Monitor automated bottling processes
  • Pharmaceutical: Monitor the assembly and packaging of pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive: Monitor high speed robotic processes on assembly lines
  • Consumer Goods: Monitor conveyor belts and ‘pick and place’ robotic arms
High Speed Video Monitoring Solution
High Speed Camera for Manufacturing
High Speed Camera for Production Line

IIoT World Interview: Learn About IVC's High-Speed Video Solution

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