Ensure Personnel and Site Safety at Petrochemical Facilities

IVC’s video solutions can be found improving safety and productivity on oil rigs in all the world’s oceans, securing pipelines, refineries, and tank farms in the deserts of the Middle East and throughout North America, and helping to safeguard the environment at production and distribution facilities worldwide.

We work closely with our automation partners such as Emerson Process Management and AVEVA (Wonderware) to deliver field-proven video solutions that withstand harsh environments and meet strict process integration requirements.

IVC has set itself apart in the petrochemical industry with:

  • A complete line of video cameras certified for use in areas where explosive gases and liquids may be present. Our explosion proof products include IP cameras and accessories certified for use in Class I Division 1, Class I Division 2, IECEx, and ATEX-rated areas.
  • Video management software that allows for: 1) management and control of large camera networks, 2) management of video from remote facilities – even over low-bandwidth connections, and, 3) integration of live, recorded video with SCADA applications.
  • Video solutions that can be tailored as needed for unique application requirements.

Featured Application Stories:

Leak and Intruder Detection on Unmanned Oil Platform

A radar based leak detection video system from IVC is helping Premier’s onshore operations team seamlessly monitor and manage offshore activity 24/7 over a satellite link.


Natural Gas Producers Monitor Pipeline Operations

IVC video systems leverage existing SCADA technology for easy monitoring of pump stations, compressor stations, delivery terminals, and receiving terminals in pipeline operations.


Video Analytics to Improve Critical Facility Security & Safety

The use of video surveillance in industrial settings is ever increasing. The convergence of inexpensive high-resolution video, high speed IP, and advanced computing and software technologies have made the benefits of adding video monitoring to critical industrial applications more accessible.


Dupont Chemicals Monitors Hazardous Incineration Facility

Dupont uses rugged IVC video cameras to monitor the flow of hazardous materials through the facility, confirm the accuracy of material identification, and assure employee safety.


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