Who We Serve and What We Do

For the oil, gas and chemical industries, our surveillance and video management solutions are regularly implemented in Offshore Rigs & Production Platforms, Pipeline Monitoring, Land-Based Rigs, Refineries, Process Plants, Tank Farms, Loading Stations, LPG/LNG Facilities and FPSO Vessels.

  • Camera Management and Control

  • Viewing of Live and Recorded Video

  • Video Management and Alarm Notification

  • Video Analytics

  • Custom-Built Video Solutions

What Sets IVC Apart in the Petrochemical Industry

Hardened Cameras for Extreme Environments

IVC offers a variety of IP cameras that are able to operate in a wide temperature range and in any number of weather conditions. Our ruggedized cameras are corrosion-resistant and able to capture high-resolution video, making them ideal for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Integrated Video and Process Data

IVC’s video management software allows for:

  • Management and control of large camera networks
  • Management of video from remote facilities – even over low-bandwidth connections
  • Integration of live, recorded video with SCADA applications

Our software layers Process Date Overlay Technology, remote video camera feeds, and Record Operator HMI screen data all into one easily navigated display. An OPC/MODBUS/SCADA integration, coupled with an Historian Database integration, enables end users to view both current and past video, console and data, all on one synchronized platform complete with customized button panels.

And this is just the start – our video solutions can be tailored as needed for unique application requirements.

Hazardous Area Certifications

IVC’s complete line of video cameras are certified for use in areas where explosive gases and liquids may be present. Our explosion proof products include IP cameras and accessories certified for use in Class I Division 1, Class I Division 2, IECEx, and ATEX-rated areas.

Unmatched Experience in Petrochemical Industry

With 20 YEARS of experience, IVC has helped hundreds of companies reduce costs, lower operational risk, and improver productivity.

Oil & Gas Know-How

Pioneers in leak detection with proven capabilities in developing solutions for specialized applications

All from One Source

Hardware, software and integration with existing systems

Demonstrated Solutions Capabilities

From the simplest to the most complex video systems

In-House R&D, Software Development

Dedicated engineering team for hardware and software

Continuous Innovation

Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, analytics, and more

Reliable for Critical Applications

Proven solutions for critical oil & gas applications in hazardous conditions

Proven Products and Performance

Approvals by leading companies; partners to system integrators

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Industry-leading certifications for process, safety and quality

Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured in the USA with full compliance to NDAA

Featured Application Stories

Leak and Intruder Detection on Unmanned Oil Platform

A radar based leak detection video system from IVC is helping Premier’s onshore operations team seamlessly monitor and manage offshore activity 24/7 over a satellite link.


Large Chemical Co. Monitors Hazardous Facility with IVC Video System

In Bridge City, Texas, a large chemical company uses an IVC video system to monitor a hazardous material incineration facility at their nylon plant.


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