Solve Your Toughest Processing Challenges

Improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes while ensuring the safest and highest quality products possible. IVC’s rugged video cameras and rich video management software give you the tools you need to accurately understand what’s happening with processes and respond to issues faster.

The Right Video Cameras for Your Food Processing Environment.

Our line of IP, high-definition cameras are designed to deliver clear, reliable video under challenging conditions. Our broad camera line includes:

  • Compact, stainless steel cameras that stand up to rigorous water and chemical wash down processes, high humidity, heat, cold, food dust particles and heavy vibrations
  • Radiometric thermal cameras that monitor temperature changes in food production
  • Standard, high-definition cameras for general site surveillance and monitoring

Feature Rich Video Management Software Solves a Range of Processing Challenges

Get to the Root Cause of Equipment Failures, Fast.

IVC’s VMS software captures critical operator displays in real-time so you can watch the progression of events that led up to a machine or system upset and see what really happened from an operator’s perspective.

Reduce Spoilage and Inconsistent Batches

Slight temperature changes in cooking processes can result in inconsistent product quality, bad batches, spoilage, and lost product. IVC’s radiometric thermal camera monitors temperature changes and can be programmed to alarm when temperatures vary.

Train Employees on Correct Food Handling Procedures

Train operators quickly with recorded video clips of best practices and correct food handling procedures. Video is proven to be a faster and more effective training tool than manuals and online documentation.

Featured Application Story:

Yogurt Production

A global yogurt producer uses IVC’s cameras along with our Longwatch Video Historian and Console Recorder software products to provide downtime analysis for plant managers.  When a system upset occurs they can not only review the event, but what the operator was seeing and doing at the same time.


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