Long Deployment Surveillance Trailer

The MVT-3001 is a self-contained powerhouse, offering autonomous operation and the flexibility to suit a broad range of applications.


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MVT-3001 Long Deployment Surveillance Trailer

IVC’s MVT-3001 mobile security trailer is a stand-alone surveillance and deterrent platform engineered to protect remote locations.

The system is capable of operating unattended and self-powered for weeks or longer.  Power options include gasoline or diesel engines and solar.  The unit can also be powered with AC, if available.

Connecting to the system is simple. The unit is compatible with IVC camera management software or other video management products that you may already have in place. The system uses cellular communication (or optional other sources) to connect to the internet. When used with IVC software, users can monitor the system via an application or over the web. Our software offers full video management functionality, providing site and camera monitoring, retrieval of recordings, searching using thumbnails, and configuration of all your systems from one location.

Key Features:

  • Customizable mobile surveillance platform
  • Remote monitoring from any location using any device capable of connecting to the internet
  • Can be easily deployed within minutes
  • Solar or engine powered
  • Large battery backup
  • Operates in extreme environments
  • Remotely monitored and controlled
  • 24/7 unattended operation
  • Wide track trailer for maximum stability


  • (2) HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras with integrated IR
  • Network Video Recorder with Video Management Software and 2TB video storage
  • Cellular communications for remote monitoring and trailer access


  • 6) 150Ah deep cycle batteries
  • (3) 330 watt solar panel array
  • Optional gasoline or diesel generator with large fuel tank capacity
  • 120V AC shore power connection


Width5’ 8”Weight1270Kg/2800lbs
Length13’2”Camera / Equipment BoxMounted at top of mast
2 CAT6 & 1.6mm/4 Electric Cables
AxleA/T single axleWind Rating Speed100kph
Mast Raise/Extension24VDC Electric winchLighting PackageUSDOT-approved
Mast height25'Anti-theft MeasuresLocking compartments & wheel locks
Batteries6 x 150AHMaterialSLA Gel
Capacity900AHSupplied Voltage24V
VoltageDC 12V

Fully Customizable

In addition to our standard design, IVC offers fully customized systems to meet a wide range of surveillance needs.

Standard Options

The MVT-3001 can be ordered with the following options:

Power plant• 990 watt solar array
• Combustion engine
• 100 - 240 VAC
• Storage battery array
Cameras1 - 5 camera configurations
30x HD PTZs with or without integrated illumination
HD fixed cameras
Standard and radiometric thermal cameras
LPR (license plate recognition) cameras
Local audio/visual alarm indicatorsLocal NVR for video storage and management
Wireless connectivity
4G LTE cellular w/WiFi
2.4GHz, 5GHz radio
2-way audio



MVT-3001 Datasheet644K PDFDOWNLOAD

Line Drawings

MVT-3001 Drawing Dimensions765K PDFDOWNLOAD
MVT-3001 Camera Box Lid53K PDFDOWNLOAD
MVT-3001 Camera Box93K PDFDOWNLOAD
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