Improve your QMS with Video

In the pharmaceutical industry, failure of your Quality Management System (QMS) can be catastrophic – not only to your business but to the public at-large. Video of your R&D, manufacturing, and packaging processes can help with your continuous self-analysis. The result is better process efficiency, ensured quality product, and more complete documentation for regulatory compliance.

IVC Cameras Are Up to the Task

Our line of small form-factor stainless steel HD video cameras provides live viewing of every aspect of drug development, material handling, manufacturing, and shipping. This makes it possible to pinpoint process-related anomalies early and ensure the quality of your product and compliance with internal and external process guidelines. IVC-certified cameras are ideal for your R&D and manufacturing processes that include the use of hazardous materials.

Get a More Complete Picture of All Processes

IVC’s video management software easily integrates with SCADA/HMI/MES systems to provide a clearer and more immediate picture of what’s happening with all of your processes. Having video as an additional record keeping tool allows you to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that meet or exceed FDA regulations. Operators can monitor multiple process areas, control video cameras, and view process data and event-based alarms on the same HMI screen. By viewing video alongside safe SCADA system data, operators are able to validate what’s happening with critical processes, and make smarter and faster decisions when events happen. The ability to immediately view recorded sessions of data and video allows you to continuously improve processes and procedures. This can result in:

  • Reduced downtime in all operation phases
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Reduced product variability
  • Reduced costs due to fewer regulatory violations
  • Decreased product loss and costs associated with scrap, disposal, rework and recalls

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