Minimize Manufacturing Downtime with Video

IVC’s video solutions minimize the impact of system upsets, increase process visibility, and improve worker safety and operator performance.

Industrial-Strength Cameras Stand Up to Tough Conditions

Our line of rugged video cameras allow live viewing of hard-to-reach, hard-to-see, and dangerous areas making it possible to pinpoint process-related anomalies early and ensure the safety of workers around hazardous equipment. Our rugged video cameras are designed to handle extreme temperatures and humidity, dusty environments, poor lighting conditions, and vibrating or moving installation sites.

Get a More Complete Picture of Manufacturing Processes

IVC’s video management software easily integrates with SCADA/HMI/MES systems to provide a clearer and more immediate picture of what’s happening with manufacturing processes. Operators can monitor multiple process areas, control video cameras, and view process data and event-based alarms on the same HMI screen. By viewing video alongside safe SCADA system data, operators are able to validate what’s happening with critical processes, and make smarter and faster decisions when events happen.

Featured Application Stories:

What should you consider when planning video process monitoring for your factory?


Global Tire Manufacturer

Learn how one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers is using an IVC video system to minimize downtime, increase safety, and gain visibility into processes.


Paper Mill

A major paper mill located in the southern U.S. selected IVC’s video management solution to monitor various aspects of mill operations:

  • fire detection
  • monitoring of loading/unloading of raw materials and product
  • safety monitoring of boiler system
  • monitoring flow of material for production

The IVC solution provides central operations personnel with a single user interface for flexible video viewing and camera controls for both new and legacy cameras on a wireless network.


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