Plant Security

The use of video for both security surveillance and process monitoring provides several levels of asset protection at water and wastewater processing plants. The goal of any video system should be to provide an inter-connected, distributed security solution to keep workers and equipment safe, without impacting operational efficiency.

Advantages of IVC Video Solutions

IVC video solutions can help protect your critical infrastructure against internal and external threats by providing your SCADA operators with “remote” eyes. With this additional capability they are able to:

  • Gain immediate visibility into system upsets
  • Detect intrusions
  • Manage access control
  • Operate surveillance cameras

The ability to integrate live video with process SCADA system enables you to respond to emergencies faster thereby ensuring increased process availability.

Comprehensive Visibility

IVC cameras become even more powerful productivity tools when used with our video management software suite. Available for the industry’s most popular SCADA systems, such as Wonderware®, DeltaV®, and Ovation®, IVC’s software suite enables integration of video and camera controls into operator HMI screens. Additionally, IVC’s comprehensive alarm management provides mechanisms to automate video system responses to alarms generated by your process and security sensors.

Featured Application Story:

San Bernardino, CA Municipal Water Department

The need to monitor remote sites for intruders is critically important to water suppliers. IVC video solutions give operators at local and remote water processing sites the ability to review video clips to confirm if any hostile activities took place.  Without this type of video system, suspicion of such an event would require a costly system shutdown for physical verification.


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