Public Safety Mission

The objective of public safety agencies is to keep people and public spaces safe. The challenge is to provide faster incident response while using available resources efficiently and keeping down costs. The ever-increasing complexities of public safety and emergency response challenges result in a growing demand for accurate and timely information. When facing fluid, potentially life-threatening situations, public safety officials must make decisions in seconds.

Trusted Video Systems for Critical Information

Public safety organizations worldwide use IVC video systems for a variety of public safety applications. Our experience in engineering video solutions that meet a wide range of environmental conditions and unique communication challenges is unmatched. IVC offers a broad range of permanent and temporary video hardware that can seamlessly fit into any communication network. Our video solutions are used for:

  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Securing Remote Public Utility Facilities
  • Securing Public Buildings and Spaces
  • High Crime area monitoring
  • Event Security
  • Emergency Management
  • Incident Monitoring

Incident Detection & Assessment

IVC’s video management software (VMS) suite provides video to public safety professionals when and where they need it:

  • Control room video wall
  • Laptop in a patrol car
  • On-scene tablet
  • Public website

Our software provides a platform to take advantage of camera and software analytics to improve response times through automated incident detection and corresponding responses. IVC’s sophisticated alarm management platform can integrate other sensor data to give first-responders a complete picture of what is actually happening.

Featured Application Story:

Cheyenne Frontier Days

Public safety professionals nationwide are finding it increasingly difficult to secure large public events. The police department in Cheyenne, WY was no exception. Using IVC’s MobileVision surveillance trailer products, the Cheyenne, Wyoming police department secures multiple venues at the annual week-long event.


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