Minimize Metals Processing Downtime with Video

System upsets at steel, aluminum, and specialty metals processing plants can be extremely costly and dangerous. Implementing IVC video solutions at these facilities can help minimize or eliminate the catastrophic consequences of processing upsets at these facilities.

Industrial-Strength Cameras Stand Up to Tough Conditions

Our line of rugged video cameras allow live viewing of hard-to-reach, hard-to-see, and dangerous areas making it possible to pinpoint process-related anomalies early and ensure the safety of workers around hazardous equipment. Our thermal imaging cameras have been optimized to operate in extreme temperatures, dusty environments, and poor lighting conditions that are typical of metals processing plants. Thermal video of processing elements can help you anticipate problems before they happen.

Get a More Complete Picture of Manufacturing Processes

IVC’s video management software easily integrates with SCADA/HMI/MES systems to provide a clearer and more immediate picture of what’s happening with manufacturing processes. Operators can monitor multiple process areas, control video cameras, and view process data and event-based alarms on the same HMI screen. By viewing video alongside safe SCADA system data, operators are able to validate what’s happening with critical processes and make smarter and faster decisions when upsets happen.

Featured Application Stories:

IVC videos systems help improve safety and productivity at your metals processing plant.


Ladle Monitoring

At steel, aluminum, and specialty metals processing plants, industrial ladles move molten metal to where it is needed in the plant. Over time, these ladles develop “hot” spots that indicate possible weaknesses in the ladle. Operator eyes and optical cameras cannot adequately detect these defects in a timely manner. This presents a hazard to plant personal and equipment. Should the ladle fail, the results will be costly on many levels.

IVC’s radiometric thermal cameras are used by major metals processors to detect these hotspots early. This improves worker safety and costs related to downtime and system upsets.

Electric Arc Furnace Monitoring

A major US manufacturer of specialty titanium uses an IVC video system to monitor electric arc furnaces.

IVC’s Longwatch video management software along with our optical and radiometric thermal cameras is used to monitor manufacturing equipment on the plant floor.  The MZ-3532-4 thermal camera provides operators with temperature data of product as it proceeds through the production line.  The ability to alarm on high or low temperatures enable the automatic shutdown of the production minimizing batch and equipment loss due to a process failure.  The combination of optical and thermal video help operators safely guide product through different parts of the machinery in dangerous or hard to see places.  IVCs Longwatch software is used for process improvement, linking islands of expertise, determining best practices, safety measures and personnel training.

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