IVC’s T-Series Thermal Cameras provide clear and reliable video of objects in the Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) spectrum. This allows users to see hot and cold spots, easily identify fires, and analyze temperature data of process equipment. These IP video cameras come standard with industrial-grade housings that are built to withstand harsh environments.

Thermal cameras are ideal for use in flare stack monitoring, flame detection in process areas, electrical substation monitoring and leak detection in tank farms where high-pressure gases and liquids are kept at very hot or cold temperatures. Browse our collection of thermal imaging cameras below.

Cost-effective and customizable, these cameras come with multiple lens, signal and housing options to integrate into process control systems. IVC’s in-house development team can provide in-camera software for radiometric analysis as well as customize the setup to fit a wide variety of needs.


Radiometric Thermal Camera

The FV-3543-4 is a compact LWIR camera for accurate temperature monitoring in industrial environments.



Stainless-Steel Radiometric Thermal Camera

With its 316L stainless-steel enclosure, this hardened radiometric thermal camera produces temperature data for industrial applications in harsh environments. Create up to 6 user-defined zones to communicate temperature data and send alarms straight to your PLC via OPC or MODBUS/TCP. -40° to 550° C dynamic range.



PTZ HD Visual and Thermal Camera

The PTZ-3539-1 is a high-quality, dual imaging thermal video camera. The unit includes an HD imager with 30x motor-driven optical zoom and a thermal imager with 640 x 480 resolution. Both cameras are mounted on a rugged pan-tilt unit. The cameras are housed in a 316L stainless-steel enclosure rated IP67, making it suitable for use in harsh conditions.



PTZ Visual and Thermal Camera

The PTZ-3532-1 is a 640×480 thermal imager for viewing in poor lighting conditions. The high contrast thermal imager will allow the user to readily identify objects in both direct sunlight and absolute darkness. A variety of lens options are available to suit most applications.



“We have nothing but good things to say about your support with our camera system. Every time we needed you, you were readily available. You quickly resolved our problems. We thank you for all your help and look forward to using IVC in the future.”

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-Emerson Process Management


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