IVC’s Longwatch Helps Protect Water Supply

San Bernardino is a fast growing metropolis located about one hour east of Los Angeles. It lies in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains and is one of the oldest communities in the state of California, founded in 1810.

The need to monitor remote sites for the presence of intruders is critically important to water suppliers. Suppliers and the communities they serve, are well aware of the strict security measures that have been mandated by the EPA and the Department of Homeland Security. Even when intruders are apprehended and claim no harm was done, precautions must be taken. There have been many situations where communities have been forced to shut down their systems for multiple days to test water for contamination after intruders had been detected. With video surveillance and archiving, operators can review video clips to confirm if any hostile activities took place, saving the community from a costly system shutdown.

“We are always looking for methods to enhance the security of our water supply,” explained Joe Gisler, SCADA analyst. “It’s no longer acceptable to allow access to individuals that are not part of our operation. We have had some issues with vandalism that required increasing our visibility of remote locations, especially at our reservoirs. Our people are often at these locations, but not around the clock,” said Gisler.

Video Surveillance, Card Access Control Integrated into SCADA System

IVC’s Longwatch software was designed to integrate into existing SCADA systems. System operators can view system and security alarms on the same SCADA screen, including video. The Longwatch system also provides the seamless integration of card access control which provides a second level of security. Operators can view and record each entry into a facility made by card holders for verification. This feature coupled with event-triggered alarms provides water suppliers with an extra level of protection.

“We installed Longwatch at one of our reservoirs. At this particular site we have a building that houses chemicals that we need to protect. We also needed to monitor a hatch door. By installing a card access system on the building and a hatch switch, we have significantly improved our security. We’re also impressed with how both systems integrated into our Wonderware system. We now receive system alarms and security alarms on the same system,” said Gisler.

San Bernardino, CA Municipal Water Department

Location: San Bernardino, CA

Water Source: The Bunker Hill Basin underground aquifer

Locations: 245 square miles, 550 miles of water mains, more than 40,000 service connections

Population: San Bernardino has a growing population of over 222,000

PTZ Cameras Provide Added Flexibility

The ability to monitor multiple locations with a single PTZ camera eliminated the need to install multiple fixed view cameras.

“The Longwatch system provided us the flexibility to install one camera to monitor the hatch door and the building we needed to secure. When an event is triggered the camera automatically focuses on the point of the alarm,” said Gisler.

Video over Existing Communications Network

IVC’s Longwatch system can use existing SCADA low-bandwidth communication networks to transmit video. Unlike stand-alone security systems that use closed-circuit or broadband networks for video transmission, Longwatch does not require the installation of a new communications network.

“We are utilizing our iNET radios to transmit the video. Not having to install a separate communications line made this project very cost-effective,” noted Gisler.

Easy to Install and Operate

“We’re very happy with the system. The installation went well and we expect to expand it over time,” commented Gisler.

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