Mobile Security System Improves Public Safety

Public safety professionals nationwide are finding it increasingly difficult to secure large public events. The police department in Cheyenne, WY was no exception.

Since 1897, Wyoming has celebrated its wild west heritage with a week-long festival in the state capitol of Cheyenne. This event, held every July, now attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Cheyenne public safety officials and event organizers have the challenging task of securing several indoor and outdoor venues, and hosting one of the largest rodeos in the world.

Surveillance Capability Improvements for Cheyenne

In light of recent tragedies at public events elsewhere in the country, the Cheyenne Police Department felt the need to improve their surveillance capabilities for the 2018 Cheyenne Frontier Days. Thanks to a public safety grant, the police department was able to purchase a customized IVC MobileVision system. Engineered at its Greenville, SC MobileVision facility, IVC designed, manufactured, and delivered a custom solution to the Cheyenne PD.

The trailer includes the following features:

  • 320W solar panel for battery charging
  • 1000Ah battery bank
  • 5KW diesel engine for battery charging, with auto start and remote monitoring
  • Four rugged IVC video cameras including:
  • Multi-sensor 360° camera combined with a PTZ for complete 360° field of view and detailed zooming capabilities
  • 5 megapixel panoramic mini dome
  • 1080p HD PTZ camera with 32x zoom
  • Wide-area, long-range thermal camera
  • Acoustic Gunshot Detection system
  • On-board network video recorder (NVR)
  • Wi-Fi, cellular, and long-range point-to-point connectivity
  • Remote and auto-controlled red and blue strobe lights as a visual deterrent
  • Two-way audio for on-scene communication and audio deterrence

IVC’s video management software, which is loaded and pre-configured on the on-board NVR, provides remote and local access to live and recorded video.

Advanced Gunshot Analysis System

TThe gunshot detection system includes a detector on the trailer, and two other discreet detectors that are strategically placed at the event site. Even at a large event such as Pioneer Days, the gunshot detection software uses advanced self-calibration to account for ambient noise that may be present.

Should the sensors detect a gunshot, analytic software included with the system gives authorities an exact location of the gunshot source. Alarms from the gunshot detection system are used to position the trailer’s PTZ camera to the detected location so authorities, both at the event and at the remote command center, get an immediate view of the scene.

The system gives officers real-time information on the location of possible gunshots and video of the scene. This information can be viewed on public safety officials’ cell phones and on computers located in squad cars and at the command center.

Both video and detected gunshot data is continuously recorded for forensic analysis should an incident occur.

More Information = Better Safety

IVC’s ability to combine advanced video and acoustic technologies on a mobile platform gives the Cheyenne Police Department the real-time information they need to properly deploy resources to meet any threat to public safety. Additionally, recording of incidents and police responses not only provide authorities necessary evidence, but also help law enforcement professionals analyze and improve response strategies.

IVC customized one of its standard MobileVision platforms to meet the requirements specified by the Cheyenne PD to improve public safety at large indoor and outdoor events.

IVC’s customized mobile solution includes four high-definition cameras mounted on a mast that can be extended to 25 feet, providing police a complete view of the event scene.

The modular design of IVC’s MobileVision systems provides for easy maintenance and quick deployment.

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