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Therm_ID Pro

Elevated Body Temperature Detection System

The Therm_ID Pro is IVC’s new body temperature scanning system. The unit, available as an unattended kiosk or operator managed, uses both dual imaging thermal and optical cameras to detect accurate body temperature measurements within ±0.5° F. The system is designed to quickly screen individuals who may be carrying the COVID-19 virus.


Therm_ID Pro

Introducing the Therm_ID Pro, IVC’s new elevated body temperature detection camera.

Monitoring the temperature of people entering your office, store, factory or other facility will not insure that your customers and staff will be safe – but it can be an effective first line of defense and should be viewed as one very important element of a strategy for protecting employees and customers and minimizing the transmission of COVID-19.

The system can operate as a standalone, unattended kiosk, and is designed around a thermal camera capable of identifying individuals who have elevated body temperature. The thermal camera detects the infrared energy reflected from objects in its field of view and converts it into a pixel by pixel temperature reading.

Our camera is specifically designed for body temperature measurement with the thermal camera sensor tuned to a narrow range of temperatures. The raw data from the camera sensor is then combined with facial identification software, and further processing those pixels on the areas on your face which have the highest correlation to an individual’s core temperature. The camera system can provide temperature readings with an accuracy of within 0.5º F.

Although this is a great first line of defense – keep in mind that the camera can only detect, measure, and document the variations of skin surface temperatures – and provide an approximation of an individual’s body temperature. It is not a medical instrument and not all individuals with COVID-19 have an elevated temperature or other clear symptoms.

In addition, elevated temperature readings do not always indicate illness – they can result from extreme exertion or can be affected by very cold or hot ambient temperatures.

As typically deployed, the Therm_ID Pro system is non-invasive and can effectively estimate body temperatures from 6 to 10 feet away. It is easy to set up, will automatically scan all individuals within a defined field of view, display their temperature, alarm, and capture high quality pictures of anyone with an elevated temperature. It can operate as a standalone unattended system or be networked and centrally managed in a facility-wide or even company-wide monitoring program, making it a key part of a facility’s virus prevention strategy.

Complete System:

  • IVC Therm_ID camera
  • Full body temperature scanning system and display software
  • All-in-one PC and monitor
  • Industrial mobile kiosk

Configuration Options:

Full range of configuration options customizable to meet your requirements.

  • Display – Live optical and thermal video, high resolution real-time and recorded snap- shots, detected temperature, and alarms.
  • Alarm – Configurable alarm actions including audio alarm, visual alarm, in-video, email, and text notifications.
  • Kiosk Mode – Unattended kiosk or operator managed.




Therm_ID Pro

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