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Security has become not only a staple but an essential part of large-scale industries. With growing concerns over fraudulent and suspicious activities, a stringent security system has the power and capabilities to identify and catch offenders in action or even before they make a move. 

These sophisticated devices can ensure that operations run smoothly and that the business itself, including all its assets, is protected from external and internal hazards. If your business grows, installing or upgrading your security system is next.

This visual guide will give a rundown of the latest trends, numbers, and facts in the security system industry.


Security System Installations


The Emerging Trends in the Security Industry

  • AI and multi-AI end-to-end security solutions

The continuous advancement of AI technology and its adoption across industries increases its probability of being more widely implemented in the security system landscape. Currently, most video security cameras send the data gathered to servers for analysis.

With Edge-based AI, the camera can analyze the data before sending it to the server since it minimizes the load of transmitting and storing extensive data to the server. Not only does this lower server costs, but most importantly, it boosts efficiency and saves time when it comes to data analysis.

  • Cybersecurity in IoT devices

More and more devices are being connected to IoT, and that includes cameras. Security systems are becoming more open and connected; hence, people are growing concerned about the safety of their data and privacy. This concern is demanding security systems to become more robust and sophisticated.

To reduce the risk of cyberattacks and other forms of security breaches, adopting a multi-layered approach to security that involves a layering of networks, applications, and devices is a trend that’s crucial to building a cyber-resilient security system. 

  • Cloud to cloud integration

Many industries are moving to the cloud for its many benefits, including reduced costs, improved flexibility, better security, etc. In security operations, Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is an emerging technology that allows video recording and storage, remote viewing, management notifications, and more on the cloud.

Transferring video surveillance services to the cloud allows enterprises to easily and cost-efficiently centralize their security systems and monitor their businesses online. 

  • Multi-dimensional perception 

Security cameras exist as an extension of the company’s “eyes.” Imagine if security cameras could perceive beyond the sense of sight. “Hearing,” “feeling,” and “smelling” are major trends in detection that can improve security. Smoke and heat detection are multi-dimensional perception features that can be embedded in security cameras for precise monitoring and reporting of any activities or incidents.

These “senses” enhance security capabilities in understanding an environment and identifying threats or incidents before and as they happen. For instance, surveillance cameras with wave radars provide object detection and movement tracking. This development could be a significant advancement in the progression of the security industry. 

  • Ultra high definition

As time passes, technology will continue to advance, and this applies to the security industry. From the High definition (HD) era, the natural next step is to move forward with an even higher image resolution—Ultra high definition (UHD) generation. Large-scale companies want to see more from their cameras, and they want to see it with more clarity.

With bigger bandwidth and reduced transmission delay, the smoother transmission of UHD images is closer to reality. Moreover, the implementation of 4K and 8K resolution camera technologies will bring real opportunities for UHD security cameras to come to life. 

  • Increased visibility

A lot of incidents happen without anyone watching. While security cameras help capture those occurrences, conventional security cameras tend to miss crucial details in low-light conditions. This is where low-light imaging technologies come into play, as they can identify critical details and retain as many colors as possible at any time of the day and in any environment.

Thermal imaging is another technology that’s becoming increasingly important. It helps detect heat data from any object above zero temperature, so even with fog, rain, and snow at night, objects that radiate heat can be visible.

  • Intelligent video technology

The computing ability of security cameras has significantly improved with the more advanced AI chips. Fewer security cameras installed in intersections can detect violations, vehicle types, plate numbers, traffic flow, and more.

During the pandemic and with the help of AI technology, security cameras can monitor crowded environments and ensure people are following safety measures, such as social distancing, wearing masks, and having temperature checks. 

  • Merging of multiple security systems

Putting multiple security systems, including surveillance video, access control, fire prevention, emergency management, and alerts, into one central platform can be an excellent way to enhance efficiency. For instance, when an alarm is set off, the unified system can automatically link the alert to the closest camera so the monitoring team can quickly attend to the situation.

Why Do You Need Security System Installation?

  • Theft and crime deterrent

State-of-the-art security systems operate 24/7; they never take a day off. Any burglary or break-in attempts during or past business hours will be discouraged once they spot security cameras scattered across the premises. Properties with surveillance cameras reduce the risk of theft or related felonies than those without security systems installed. 

  • Maintain quality assurance

Having cameras around the premises help increase employees’ productivity. They can see that they’re being monitored on video without the boss checking them behind their shoulders every five minutes. This prevents employees from slacking or goofing around while on duty. 

  • Access control

Sophisticated security camera systems can be accessed by authorized employees (depending on clearance and status) issued with key cards, PIN codes, or biometric authentication. Thus, personnel will have the peace of mind that no rogue visitors or employees can take over the system. 

  • Cement your corporate reputation

Having modern camera security systems in place gives your employees and customers the impression that your company is serious about protecting the people in your establishment. It also sends a message to potential investors that you’re a responsible business owner who prioritizes the safety of the people and the security of your products.

  • Protection against liability claims

Security cameras allow you to document all activities or events in your property. It protects companies from more than burglaries. 

Suppose a customer or an employee reports your business for unlawful actions or any issue that reportedly occurred on your grounds. In that case, you can review the security cameras to help you get to the bottom of it and find answers, helping you know, too, if the company is liable in any way.  

  • Quick response from authorities 

State-of-the-art security systems alert the authorities when the alarm goes off, so they can stop any crime in progress and minimize the damage done. Without such a security alarm system, it can be difficult for employees to call for help, and any theft conducted past business hours cannot be addressed until work resumption. 

Protect Your Company with Stringent Security 

Accidents and security breaches can happen in any establishment. However, a powerful security system installation can provide access control and can give you more confidence in ensuring your employees’ safety and the security of your livelihood than not having one in place. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your current security system, IVC Co provides sophisticated industrial camera security systems for large companies. Help your company protect your assets and employees and have peace of mind. Contact us now for your security system installation needs!