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The duty of Homeland Security is to safeguard the citizens of the country. With new threats emerging, such as the infiltration of terrorist groups, mass shootings, aggression from internal and external affairs, and even cyber-attacks, safety and security measures have gotten tighter over the years. 

The U.S. government is working to strengthen its efforts to ensure the welfare of its people. With modern technology and effective strategies, homeland security threats can be kept in check to quickly identify and avoid potential dangers and prepare the proper response in any country. Below are some of the threats that require strict monitoring through a robust video surveillance system:

6 Threats to the Homeland That Need Constant Monitoring

1. Terrorism

Solo offenders and organizations that work to execute dangerous acts and harm lives are a terrorist threat that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) always keeps an eye on. There are terrorist groups that sow chaos through physical violence, bombings, and shootings, while there are cases where they disrupt a nation through cybercrime.

Apart from the 9/11 incident, some of the terrorist attacks in the United States in recent memory are the Boston bombing terrorist attack, the San Bernardino attack, and the Orlando shooting that killed 49 people.  

2. Cyber Threats

Cybercriminals who disrupt the state, including economic and government entities, local organizations, and private sectors, aim to gain access to sensitive information and steal or extort money.

The U.S. has had its fair share of cyber incidents over the years, which recently includes the Department of Justice indicting three North Korean hackers for plotting to steal and extort over $1.3 billion in cash and digital coins. 

3. Transnational Crime Organizations (TCOs)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation identifies transnational crime organizations as groups that “seek to obtain power, influence, and monetary gains” by illegal means, regardless of geography. One of the known TCOs is the Mexico-based cartels, which can control certain territories to move illicit goods.

4. Biological Warfare

Diseases are supposed to occur naturally. However, history says otherwise, as there have been instances of biological weapons being used to instill public fear.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that anthrax used to be an agent of biological warfare. In 2011, powdered anthrax spores were put into letters and mailed through the U. S. postal service. In the end, five of the 22 people who received or handled the letters died. 

4. Foreign Influence Activity

Foreign influence activity that targets U.S. foreign and domestic policies, political and public figures, and events like presidential elections pose a threat to the nation. A recent example is the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, where Russia utilized online influence tactics to shake U.S. voter perception.

5. Natural Disasters and Diseases

Severe weather, earthquakes, health crises, national disasters, and diseases remain a constant threat to the state’s people, physical infrastructure, economy, and resources. A most recent and relevant example is the COVID-19 pandemic, which weakened the American healthcare system and brought social and economic chaos.

How to Prevent These Threats from Happening

It’s not easy to deal with such terrifying threats, but there are ways to spot them ahead of time and prevent them from occurring.

  • Collect data and gather intelligence 

The DHS works with state, federal, and international agencies to gather information about groups or individuals who are moving to disrupt or harm the country. Security groups must relay their information and intelligence to the respective authorities and private sectors to evaluate and act on such threats accordingly and immediately. 

  • Use the latest and most effective technology 

Thanks to technological developments, Homeland Security can use computers, drones, sensors, artificial intelligence, and satellites to identify and stop terrorist movements. Moreover, the integration of large-scale network security cameras for threat monitoring and intelligence gathering can help organizations identify any suspicious acts and individuals caught on video surveillance.

  • Identify the people who may be responsible

Homeland Security works with local and international law enforcement agencies to share insider data, knowledge, and other helpful information to find and stop offenders from committing any dangerous or destructive acts. 

  • Find and fix vulnerabilities

DHS and other security organizations can prevent serious threats by identifying any vulnerabilities and addressing them before terrorist groups, cyber hackers, or other offenders can use them to their advantage. One way to avoid internal attacks in organizations is to screen employees who work with sensitive data thoroughly. 

  • Employ stringent measures during important events that involve leaders

To increase safety and security, especially during important events with public figures that can be a target for attacks, have security standby closely in and around the area. Ensure enough security personnel and surveillance cameras are strategically scattered during big events like championship games, New Year’s Eve celebrations, and concerts.

  • Prepare ahead of time to safeguard people from diseases and disasters

Coordinate with research laboratories, disaster response organizations, and relevant government agencies to communicate and implement a system for an efficient and collaborative work process. Ensure there are emergency management procedures and protocols in place to guarantee communication and have the right tools in the event of a public emergency.

Maintaining Safety and Security for the People

It is the role of national and local government entities to ensure the citizens’ safety and protect them from state security threats. Strengthening the country’s defense systems and preserving the safety of the homeland will reinforce the trust of the people and the integrity of the nation. 

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