8 Point Checklist: Equipment Needed to Run a Video Monitoring System

Your need for a video monitoring system becomes even more critical if you run a large-scale business operation. The more there is to protect, the more important it is to have an industrial camera…

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6 Types of Occupational Hazards That Require Video Monitoring

Many workers, like chemical plant workers, systems operators, welders, and factory workers, are constantly exposed to various occupational hazards as they are in proximity to heavy machinery.…

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Homeland Security: 6 Threats That Need Constant Monitoring

Keep an eye on potential dangers and suspicious plots. Here are homeland security threats that require strict video monitoring to ensure safety and security.

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Security System Installations: Facts, Stats, and Emerging Trends

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Thermal Imaging Technology: A Closer Look

When paired with industrial camera systems, thermal imaging sensors provide a robust mechanism for monitoring process integrity and equipment health. To learn more about thermal imaging technology…

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Video Analytics: How Can It Help Improve Security?

Video analytics is one of the latest developments in security technology, powered by machine learning. Here’s how it can improve your overall security system.

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6 Ways a Smart Security System Ensures Food Quality Assurance

Working in the food and beverage sector? Invest in a smart security system! Here’s how it can help you ensure food quality.

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What to Look for in a Manufacturing Video Surveillance System

Large industries have multiple operations going on simultaneously, requiring reliable and efficient manufacturing camera systems. Here’s what to look for.

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8 Ways Industrial Video Surveillance Systems Can Benefit Operations

Improve business productivity and safety through video surveillance. This guide will discuss 8 ways industrial camera systems can benefit your operations.