When it comes to improving security measures and boosting overall awareness for monitoring, closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems have continuously proven invaluable. Having a reliable network of security cameras around your property helps make sure everything is in order. In other cases, it can provide video evidence to find out what really happened in any particular event.

CCTV camera systems can be installed in both private and public properties. Although these tools have many benefits, they also come with some disadvantages.

6 Pros of CCTV Camera Systems

Security cameras are often installed for the sake of the property’s safety and protection, along with all the people in it. With this system working efficiently, you can rest easy knowing that there is a watchful eye guarding you and your vicinity at all times.

  • Site Security

The most basic function of a CCTV camera system is to provide additional security around a covered area. With the right equipment installed, you can monitor specific locations 24/7 and create a significantly safer environment. As a result, this monitoring system grants property owners better peace of mind knowing that they can view the recordings anytime they see fit.

  • Safety of operators (watching or removing them from dangerous areas)

For business owners, you can use CCTV cameras to monitor regular operations from a secure location. Monitoring teams can alert on-site workers of any irregularities they may have picked up and avoid dangerous situations. On other occasions, this monitoring system can also help identify problems that occur outside of work hours, such as electrical sparks and fires.

  • Remote monitoring

Advanced CCTV systems come with features that allow you to access the cameras from a mobile device or computer over the internet. These systems also allow you to open previous recordings and watch them when needed. With this, you can continue to monitor your property even when you are not around and alert the authorities if you detect suspicious activities.

  • Process monitoring

Process monitoring refers to the real-time examination of specific procedures, such as in manufacturing goods. This includes collecting data to analyze particular indicators picked up by the cameras for potential errors. These situations are then prioritized and faced with the appropriate actions to prevent possible problems from escalating.

  • Operational visual verification

Another benefit of having a CCTV system installed is the ability to check on equipment or machinery to know if they are working as expected. This allows you to watch out for potential breakdowns or processes that are not running as they should for smoother operations.

  • Reduce the incidence of theft

Installing CCTV security systems helps you significantly reduce the rate of theft around an area. These tools can store the proper evidence needed to solve such an incident and make it easier to track down offenders. As a result, this security measure discourages thieves from stealing from your property. 

3 Cons of CCTV Camera Systems

While security cameras may be a great advantage to some, they can also cause other parties involved to feel uncomfortable. As a result, many individuals do not find these tools appealing to a certain extent due to the following reasons.

  • Can breach privacy

In some cases, CCTV cameras are used to spy on individuals and breach their privacy. As a result, many people are often perturbed by the presence of a camera around their vicinity. Some people may also speak out and object to being under continuous surveillance.

  • Added cost that may not match the perceived benefits

Installing a network of CCTV cameras is an added expense in running a business, so when investing in the system, you have to compare the cost and the benefits. The initial cost and installation may be the biggest portion, then comes the maintenance and repair expenses.

The advantages of investing in a CCTV camera system tend to be industry-specific, so it’s best to know if installing and running it can have a direct or clear positive effect in a process that could turn in more profit. There are some cases that don’t even have a need or merely require a smaller area to cover. Regardless, the benefits should always outweigh the cost.

  • The need for additional required IT work and infrastructure

A CCTV camera system installation requires additional infrastructure, with the size dependent on the coverage and industry. More equipment added to an operation means more things to manage and maintain in the company. This adds more man-hours for techs consequently increasing operational costs, which could be used for more important process enhancements.

Safety in your hands 

Safety should always be at the top of your list of priorities wherever you are. Taking the necessary precautions can reduce the risks of accidents, loss, and significant injuries to you and those around your property. Regardless of the coverage size and the type of tech, the equipment may be well worth the investment, as the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. 

CCTV camera systems can be an excellent addition to your security measures to ensure everything is running smoothly for a more profitable organization. Contact IVC Co today to inquire more about video solutions and your specific industry needs.