CCTV Camera System

Customized Video Solutions for Unique Industrial Video Challenges

Interview with Bill Richards to discuss customer video scenarios and requirements and the kinds of customization work IVC can provide.

Interview: Key considerations when deploying explosion-proof cameras in hazardous environments

Interview with Bill Richards - the co-founder and Vice President of Operations at Industrial Video & Control

Tech Talk: Using PoE Technology for IP Video Cameras

PoE technology, or Power over Ethernet, combines both power and data transmission into a single Ethernet cable, significantly simplifying the camera installation process.

6 Video System Implementation Best Practices in Manufacturing

6 Video System Implementation Best Practices in Manufacturing

Using video in manufacturing boosts productivity, cuts downtime, and streamlines processes, providing a competitive edge. Following best practices in planning optimizes ROI and minimizes…

Video Camera Integration in Manufacturing: A Complete Guide

Video Camera Integration in Manufacturing: A Complete Guide

Integrating video cameras into manufacturing processes can vastly improve the efficiency of your company's operations. Video cameras can streamline processes, slash downtime, and increase…

CCTV Camera System

9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A CCTV Camera System

In 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 5,000 fatal work-related accidents in the country. According to the bureau, this means that a worker died every 99 minutes from an…

TEX Certification for safety in explosive atmospheres

What Is ATEX Certification: Safety in Explosive Atmospheres

Whether unwittingly or due to negligence, putting your labor force in danger will get you in trouble with the law. Failure to look after your business assets, such as equipment and production…

Types of Video Analytics

12 Ways to Use Video Analytics for Industrial Applications

The continuous evolution of technology has allowed society to create and mass-produce high-quality products and devices that can make everyday life easier. Video cameras are among the modern pieces…

SDI vs. Analog Cameras

SDI vs. Analog Cameras: The Pros and Cons

Surveillance cameras have come a long way since they were first used in the 1940s. Although the primary function of capturing footage remains to be the principle behind the technology, specialized…

Industrial Cameras Guide

A Complete Guide to Industrial Cameras with Video Solutions

Utilizing a video camera system for process monitoring has become a norm in running efficient industrial operations. They help in process monitoring, remote access, downtime analysis, and storage of…