IVC video systems are used in a large, commercial, three port complex on the East Coast of the United States. The three ports are spread across a 15-mile area and have overlapping security systems. A total of 91 pan-tilt-zoom cameras were deployed at the ports including 72 new IVC PTZ cameras and a redeployment of 19 existing cameras, all connected over a new Motorola Canopy wireless LAN. IVC Relay Servers were placed on the network in the three locations with IVC View Station Software running in each of the three port security offices.

The Motorola Canopy wireless system was selected to reduce cost of installation and to enable a rapid deployment. The entire design and installation took less than 100 days including the permitting and erection of numerous poles, towers and the three security stations. The wireless network was designed and installed by Closed Networks Inc, a Philadelphia based IVC partner. The 19 existing cameras are Pelco Spectradomes, and these were seamlessly integrated into the overall system through the IVC Relay Servers.

An advanced intelligent motion detection system from Sarnoff Labs was fully integrated by IVC to provide 24/7 automated video monitoring for unauthorized activity. The Sarnoff software detects unauthorized activity while eliminating extraneous camera motion caused by wind and vibration. The motion analysis software distinguishes different types of unauthorized events and can be programmed to respond appropriately to different situations.

The IVC View Stations control camera tours to preset views and display “guard tours” whereby sequential views from any combination of cameras and their presets can be displayed on a scheduled basis. Multiple schedules were created for after-hours and weekend tours. A tight integration between the Sarnoff and IVC software insures that touring will not confuse the motion analyses and compromise alarm functions. Intrusion alarms and other functions are aggregated to provide a simple and intuitive user interface.

With the IVC View Station software cameras are monitored at multiple locations simultaneously in virtually any multi-up or select-view mode. At the largest port, all cameras from all three ports are displayed. At the two smaller ports, only the local cameras are monitored. Police and other authorized emergency personnel can access all cameras from any remote location. The entire video security system is also being integrated into an area-wide multiple threat emergency response system from RamSafe.

The IVC cameras, View Station Software, and Relay Servers were ideal for this application for several reasons:

  • IP based cameras enabled a quick and low cost installation
  • The IVC Relay Server and View Station Software provides complete flexibility for equipment location and configuration
  • Cameras from multiple vendors could be incorporated seamlessly
  • The system has the capability for integration with the Sarnoff software, GPS, radar, GIS and other functions
  • The IVC user interface is intuitive and required minimal training
Containers at an East Coast port

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