New ViewStation Lite (VSL) for Longwatch

IVC’s new ViewStation Lite (VSL) is now included in all Longwatch deployments delivering a feature-rich platform for viewing and managing large networks of cameras. The platform offers unlimited possibilities for integrating legacy and emerging third party software and hardware technologies.

  • New Advanced Longwatch ViewStation Lite (VSL) & ViewStation Pro (VSP) Client Interfaces.
    1. Full featured operator interface.
    2. Operators are provided camera access and control regardless of the location or size of the video network
    3. A scalable architecture ensures robust performance for video systems of any size.
  • Customizable viewer template with improved multi window / screen support. 
    1. The format and content of a View Station display is completely configurable and can include video from multiple IVC Servers
    2. Multiple views can be defined and subsequently displayed based on system conditions and user requirements
    3. A view may include any mix of available screen elements and functions

Introducing new Alarm Server integration

IVC’s Alarm Server is now fully integrated with Longwatch providing powerful alarm management capabilities through its advanced flexible, rules-based alarm and video management system.

  • Communicate with wide range of sensors with multiple protocol support
    1. Full featured operator interface
    2. Added capability to compare data from multiple sensors to confirm alarm conditions
    3. Industry standard multi-protocol support including: Modbus TCP, OPC, HTTP, and others
  • Multiple Database Support
    1. Added capability to access and pull data from 3rd party databases including – OSI Pi
    2. Monitor changes from multiple databases to generate alarms and generate video clips
    3. View fields from multiple databases & tables in a single easy to read grid
  • Added Operator Capabilities
    1. Easily connect cameras to alarms and process event tags for quick video clip correlation
    2. Easily enable and disable alarms. (No need for a control engineer)

Added support for advanced camera functionality

IVC has expanded support for advanced camera functionality.

  • High speed and GigE camera support
    1. High frame rate camera support for 90 fps – to 240fps
  • Improved diagnostic tools
  • Expanded video analytic features

Aveva Operations Management Interface (OMI) support

Longwatch OMI video app support for live and recorded video.

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