At Industrial Video & Control Co. (IVC), we are at the forefront of implementing video analytics for industrial applications.

Our advanced video analytics solutions leverage the power of video and artificial intelligence to drive safety, regulatory compliance, productivity, and quality control across a wide range of industries.

IVC Monitor and Cameras

Video Analytics Targeted to your Needs

IVC’s advanced technology empowers organizations to analyze live or recorded scenes from IP video cameras, uncovering valuable insights and automating critical tasks. IVC employs an array of video analytics techniques depending on the requirements of the project.

Gain insight into process anomalies

IVC video analytics leverages video camera footage to collect data. IVC’s AI Video Engine can be used to: (1) track and record process behavior (2) detect deviations and potential downtime causing behaviors (3) send customized alerts based on data (4) identify areas of potential improvement.

IVC video analytics is effective in making data-driven decisions, allowing you to gain better insights into the successes and failures of your process strategies.

Engineer looking at screens wearing a safety helmet


• PPE Safety Compliance • Defect Identification • Tracking Manpower • Process Optimization • Manage Queues • Inventory Management and Theft Detection • Identify Vehicles • Recognize Employees • Quality Control



Process Monitoring

IVC cameras deployed at critical areas of interest.


Anomaly Detection

The IVC AI video engine will monitor and record areas of interest to learn deviations from the gold standard.


IVC Alarm Server

Once deviations are discovered by the AI video engine, IVC’s Alarm Server sends notifications to operators, process control systems, and initiates response video recording.


Real-time “man down” alerts

Warehouse collision avoidance

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) monitoring

Early detection of smoke and fire hazards

Monitoring activity in dangerous or restricted areas

Detecting defects in product quality

Manufacturing process anomaly detection

Monitor plant sections or machinery to diagnose equipment issues before failure


Steel Mill Ladle Breakout Prevention

  • Radiometric thermal cameras detect hot spots on ladles carrying molten metal.
  • Temperature data and alarms are communicated via Modbus to the process control system.
  • Preventative maintenance can be deferred, resulting in over $1 million in savings.

Sight Glass Level Detection

  • Monitoring the liquid level in vessels viewing through sight glass.
  • Alarming on high level.

Pump Failure Prevention

  • Radiometric thermal cameras on mobile trailers monitor pumps at fracking sites.
  • Alarms prevent pump failure by detecting overheating.

Corrosion Detection in Tanks

  • Explosion-proof PTZ cameras with video analytics assess corrosion in ship ballast tanks.
  • Replace risky manual inspections, saving over $20,000 per inspection.

Custom Video AI Projects

Since it’s founding in 2001, IVC has been a leader in providing solutions to difficult challenges.

IVC’s Video Analytics Engine is a video monitoring solution that identifies process anomalies in real-time and automatically triggers customized alerts to operations.

We are able to take this technology and tailor it to your specific needs.

How to Work with IVC

1. Define the Problem:

Identify your specific needs and challenges.

2. Provide Visual Data:

Share snapshots or videos of the scene to be monitored.

3. IVC Proposes the Solution:

Our expert team will design a tailored video analytics solution to meet your objectives.

Your Vision AI Partner

Industrial Video & Control Co. can be your trusted partner in harnessing the full potential of video analytics. Our commitment to excellence, advanced technology, and a proven track record make us the ideal choice for your safety, compliance, and efficiency needs.

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