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As someone at the helm of a firm, you should make it a point to stay on top of your operations. Directly overseeing projects keeps your employees focused, and this will make it easier for you to boost your company’s productivity. But as much as you’d like to watch over things 24/7, other things also need your attention. 

Investing in video surveillance cameras will give you a quick fix to this dilemma. Strategically installing them on your company’s property will let you see what’s happening at all times, which can help you solve various operational issues. If your company is competing in a large-scale industry such as manufacturing, acquiring the necessary solutions will make all the difference in your bottom line. 

8 Benefits of Industrial Video Surveillance Systems

To drive our point home, this guide will discuss eight benefits of having industrial video surveillance systems in your work facility.

1. An increase in overall safety

The International Labor Organization estimates that over 2.3 million individuals die yearly due to work-related incidents. If your employees handle sensitive materials (e.g., chemicals) or use heavy equipment regularly, their well-being should be of utmost importance. 

Since working in an industrial facility has more hazards than the average office, this means that your staff is at greater risk of an accident. 

Investing in a security camera system will give your employees a layer of protection. Letting you see how they conduct tasks will help you to spot unsafe practices and potential dangers in their workspace. Paired with the right policies, this will help you avoid serious injuries and costly damages to your assets.

2. Cost-effective security

Hiring more managers or security personnel seems ideal for your company, but it’s not always a cost-effective option. Considering that you’ll have to provide substantial employment benefits to top talents, hiring more employees may strain you financially. 

Instead of expanding your workforce, video surveillance solutions are generally more practical if you want to beef up security in your workplace, manufacturing plants, and other facilities. Plans from reliable providers are highly flexible and can be easily scaled to match your industry’s ever-growing needs.  

3. Reduced chances of theft

Unfortunately, theft in the workplace remains a prevalent issue. Research shows that burglary costs small businesses $50,000 annually. This figure should be enough to convince you why a surveillance system is important for large-scale industries.

Strategically placing security cameras across your facility will be incredibly valuable since they can significantly lower the risk of break-ins and insider threats. Since thieves know that they have a high chance of getting caught, they will be discouraged from stealing company property.

4. Convenient remote monitoring

Thanks to advancements in technology, modern surveillance systems enable you to monitor your facility whenever and wherever. With the help of a reliable device and a strong internet connection, you can check how the operations are going in real time or access recorded footage. If you’re constantly on the go, this feature is handy.

5. Avoid internal issues

It’s a fact that the workplace is an active social environment. Since your facility is run by individuals with different personalities, you can’t rule out the possibility that tensions will arise, sparking conflict. Without your knowledge, some of your employees may be mistreating a colleague, paving the way for a hostile work environment.

Whether it’s sexual harassment or racial discrimination,  despicable behavior must never be tolerated. Being on the receiving end of offensive acts not only affects performance but also takes a huge toll on one’s overall well-being. Setting cameras will help you avoid internal issues since your employees know they’re being watched. 

6. Evidence gathering made easy

Broken, destroyed, or vandalized company equipment is every manufacturer’s worst nightmare. Repair costs can be expensive, and production delays can affect revenue. In these cases, it’s best to know what caused the malfunction or who was responsible. With a security system in place, it will be easy for you to gather data or evidence and take appropriate action.

7. Know who’s been doing a good job

Did you know that happy employees are believed to be 13% more productive? Apart from catching offenders in the act, surveillance systems can also be used to determine who’s actually been doing a good job. Employees who perform consistently with or without someone watching them are among your company’s biggest assets, so give credit where it’s due.

8. Improved standards and quality

All items on this list lead to one goal: the overall improvement of your business.

Industrial surveillance systems can motivate workers to stay focused. Along with monitoring safety hazards and preventing break-ins, constant surveillance grants everyone peace of mind in a stress-free work environment. Increased efficiency can eventually lead to improved quality of products and services. 

Always Keep an Eye on Your Facility

Making sure your business performs at a high level should be an everyday goal. Aside from reassessing your team’s workflow or doubling down on your marketing efforts, investing in an industrial camera system will improve your company in several ways. 

Having multiple eyes in your production area will help you avoid operational issues and ensure that your staff and equipment are functioning like a well-oiled machine.

If you’re planning on installing a video surveillance system, we’ve got you covered! Contact IVC Co today for large-scale video and control solutions for industrial operations.