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Companies in the food and beverage (F&B) industry agree on one simple truth: quality is everything. To stay competitive, F&B businesses must ensure that their products adhere to the necessary standards before they’re sent out for distribution. But since producing thousands of goods daily is a Herculean task, the production line often encounters operational issues. 

As the head of the company, you should constantly find ways to streamline your manufacturing process. Other than hiring talented personnel, one good way to do this would be to oversee your operations first-hand. However, for executives of large companies, micromanaging is counter-intuitive since your attention will be diverted from other crucial parts of running the organization 

If your company is in a large-scale sector like F&B, it is deemed prudent to invest in a smart security system. Having one will allow you to see what’s going on in your facility at all times, which can benefit you in several ways. But what exactly is a smart security system?

What is a Smart Security System?

Smart security systems act as your second set of eyes. With the help of surveillance and process monitoring cameras, sensors, and a handy mobile application, you can monitor your facility whenever and wherever you may be.

For starters, investing in industrial video surveillance systems will enhance your facility’s security. In the event of theft, you can get real-time alerts on an intruder’s whereabouts, helping you take action as soon as possible. Aside from security, having a capable system installed can also make a difference in your staff’s productivity since personnel can be closely monitored during production.

6 Ways a Smart Security System Ensures Quality Assurance

When it comes to F&B, installing a smart security system will help you ensure food quality. Here are six ways it can benefit the industry:

1. It helps meet quality expectations

A smart security system will ensure the quality of your products by identifying bottlenecks in your manufacturing process. By strategically installing cameras in the preparation area, your quality assurance team will have an easier time pointing out which areas in your supply chain need improvement.

Apart from maintaining quality, this will help you reduce waste, cut down costs, and increase production volume. 

2. It lowers the risk of errors

Considering the rigid nature of work in the F&B industry, companies must have a large workforce. Since supervising hundreds of employees is an extremely demanding task, it’ll be hard for you to spot workers who are shirking their responsibilities. The good news is a smart security system will allow you to keep things in check.

Given that your supply chain is highly sensitive, your focus should be on error prevention. As previously mentioned, a smart security system will help you keep your staff accountable. Recordings of their behavior can be useful when conducting performance assessments. 

3. Hygiene Monitoring

Just like chefs in a restaurant, employees in your manufacturing facility must adhere to hygiene protocols. In case a worker forgets to wear gloves or a hairnet, a smart surveillance system will allow you to see and remind them before they come into contact with food. 

Besides cleanliness issues, placing cameras in high-risk areas can also help ensure staff safety. Accidents resulting in a serious injury can be avoided, especially for employees who are handling heavy machinery.

4. Contamination prevention

Products that require a more complex method of preparation are at higher risk of contamination. Since their supply chain is relatively longer, there are more opportunities for bacteria to thrive. Shipping out contaminated food will not only put the health of your consumers at risk, but it will also give your brand a bad name.

The good news is a smart security system can help prevent your perishables from being contaminated. Installing security cameras in your processing rooms and shipment area will make it easier for you to spot factors that may ruin your products. 

5. Improved shift schedules and office layout

One way to improve your company’s efficiency is to reassess your employees’ schedules and workspace layout. Movement and breathing room are two crucial factors in every food production facility, so it’s best to avoid cramping around key areas. 

Since your smart security system will give you the full picture of your production facility, it will be easier for you to make the necessary tweaks. 

First, it will let you see your facility when it is most congested, helping you optimize and shift schedules. Second, it will show you how employees move around your facility, allowing you to designate walkable paths and workstations. Adjusting these two elements may seem minor, but don’t underestimate its ability to smoothen out your workflow.

6. Aids in investigations

In the event of theft or equipment damage, a smart security system can help in the investigation. Since breakdowns and missing materials can affect productivity, it’s best to know the root cause and the people responsible. 

A smart security system stores footage automatically, so investing in one will make evidence gathering easier. Afterward, you can do the necessary repairs or file a case with the relevant authorities to solve your matter.

Food Quality Assurance Made Easy

There’s no denying that food and beverage production is a meticulous operation. Since multiple things are happening simultaneously, it can be challenging to watch over the whole facility. Fortunately, we live in an age where business owners can utilize a smart security system. 

With the benefits above in mind, installing this system in your facility will significantly improve your bottom line. Strategic camera placement will help you spot potential hazards along the production line, avoid costly mistakes and damages, and take note of other factors that slow down your efficiency, which compromises food quality assurance. 

If you’re interested in getting a surveillance system, contact IVC Co for food & beverage video production solutions.