IVC’s elevated body temperature detection camera is a thermal and optical fixed camera that can identify individuals with elevated body temperatures. The camera is specifically designed for measuring body temperatures with the thermal camera sensor tuned to a narrow range of temperatures. It consistently provides temperature readings with an accuracy of within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

The camera combines a thermal temperature detection sensor, face recognition software, and built-in ISP image processing technology. Body temperatures can be effectively captured, from 6 to 10 feet away, allowing for non-invasive and contact-less operation. When an elevated body temperature is detected, an audible alarm sounds and the screen displays an alarm condition.

The camera offers the flexibility to be operated as a standalone, unattended kiosk and serve as a key part of a facility-wide or company- wide virus prevention strategy.


1. Automatic Detection

When a person enters the detection zone, their temperature is calculated and displayed on live overlays.

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2. Temperatures are recorded

A thumbnail image of each individual and their temperature measurement appears in a scrolling bar in the display window. The thumbnails are recorded and available for review.

A thumbnail image of each individual and their tempera- ture measurement
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3. Green indicates normal temperature

Individuals with temperatures in a normal range are highlighted with a green border on the HD (1920×1080) snapshots along with their detected temperature. This is displayed on both real-time and recorded images.

Individuals with temperatures in a normal range are highlighted with a green border
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4. Red indicates abnormal temperature

When an abnormal temperature is detected, the high resolution HD picture of the individual appears within a red flashing frame and an alarm is actuated.

Abnormal temperature is detected
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5. Get alerted

When an abnormal temperature is detected, an alarm is then communicated via configurable alarm actions including audio, visual alarm, email, and text notifications.




“We have nothing but good things to say about your support with our camera system. Every time we needed you, you were readily available. You quickly resolved our problems. We thank you for all your help and look forward to using IVC in the future.”

-Columbia Power – Broadband Division

“Thanks to all…and thanks for the expertise you have on your team…This is only the first of many camera systems we are looking at installing.”

-BP Canada Energy Company

“Just a short note to say thank you. Your team worked quickly and diligently all week to turn an order that, for us, was in record time! Once again, thank you for your continued partnership.”

-Emerson Process Management


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