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Lightweight Surveillance Trailer

Description: This rugged mobile surveillance solution can be quickly deployed to provide remote video at public events, construction sites, and disaster scenes.  Helps first responders decide best use of resources for improved security and emergency management.

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MVT-3002 | Lightweight Surveillance Trailer

IVC’s MVT-3002 mobile security trailer is a lightweight, stand-alone surveillance and deterrent platform engineered to protect remote locations.

This low-cost, solar-powered system is capable of operating unattended and self-powered for weeks or longer.

Connecting to the system is simple. The unit is compatible with IVC camera management software or other video management products that you may already have in place. The system uses cellular communication (or optional other sources) to connect to the internet. When used with IVC software, users can monitor the system via an application or over the web. Our software offers full video management functionality, providing site and camera monitoring, retrieval of recordings, searching using thumbnails, and configuration of all your systems from one location.

Key Features:

  • 660 watt solar array
  • Solar-powered
  • Lightweight design, easily towed
  • Operates in extreme environments
  • Remotely monitored and controlled
  • 24/7 unattended operation


Width4’11”Height10’ 1”
Length11’ 10”Camera / Equipment BoxMounted at top of mast 2 CAT6 & 1.6mm/4 Electric Cables
AxleA/T single axleWind Rating Speed100kph
Mast Raise/Extension24VDC Electric winchMast height25'
No. of Solar Panels 2 x 330W Panel Material Polycrystalline
Panel Wattage/Output 660WControllerMaximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
No. of Batteries2 x 200AH MaterialSLA Gel
Capacity400AHSupplied Voltage24V
VoltageDC 12V